Scented Aromatic Soybean Candles
Scented Aromatic Soybean Candles
Scented Aromatic Soybean Candles
Scented Aromatic Soybean Candles
Scented Aromatic Soybean Candles
Scented Aromatic Soybean Candles

Scented Aromatic Soybean Candles

🕯️ 100% natural soy wax for a clean, eco-friendly burn.

🔆 Infused with delightful, long-lasting fragrances.

✨ Hand-poured for a perfect, even melt every time.

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Snuggle Up with Bean Duck!


Introduce a sprinkle of charm to your child's bedtime with Bean Duck, the lovable night light designed to soothe and delight.

Its soft glow and heartwarming design provide the perfect ambiance for a peaceful night's sleep.

With user-friendly operation, there are no complicated buttons—just a simple squeeze to adjust brightness, making it effortlessly accessible for your child during the night.




Effortless Comfort Meets Smart Efficiency with Bean Duck's Built-In Timer!


Bean Duck comes equipped with a smart 20-minute timer function, blending ease and efficiency.

This thoughtful feature not only encourages a smooth, restful slumber but also conserves energy, easing your mind about electricity bills.

The dual brightness levels cater to your child's preference, providing a gentle luminescence or a soft shine that wraps their room in a cozy, inviting atmosphere.



The Perfect Blend of Durability, Safety, and Warmth for Your Child's Room!

Crafted with care and tested for safety, Bean Duck stands as a beacon of reliability in the world of children's night lights.

With variable brightness and a battery life that extends from 9.5 to 34 hours based on your selected settings, it promises enduring comfort throughout the night.

Whether given as a thoughtful gift or chosen for personal use, this charming bean duck night light is set to become a treasured fixture in your child's room.



Don't take our word for it...


My three kids each have a different duck, and they absolutely adore them.

Alice R.

Portland, OR


These ducks have become a staple in our home. Their adorable designs are matched by their quality and versatility.

Ryan C.

Dallas, TX


I never thought a little duck could add so much character to a room. The entire collection is adorable and always makes everything ten times cuter.

Grace B.

Boston, MA


I'm in love with these ducks! They're not just cute; they're crafted with such attention to detail. A delightful addition to any room.

Henry N.

Chicago, IL


Each duck from this collection brings its own unique charm. Whether it's sitting on my desk or lighting up a corner, they always manage to brighten my day.

Zoe E.

San Diego, CA

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